Public Service In America

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“A recent Harris Poll finds that over half of adults (59%) agree that some sort of public service should be required of Americans, whether at the community, state, or national level” (Pollack). There is an extraordinary amount of work to be done in our country, but only a select few contribute. If more people were to participate, there would be less tasks to complete individually along with healthier lifestyles. Public service provides a better environment as a whole. Everyone is able to enjoy the surroundings. Therefore, everyone should be expected to provide a helping hand in order to better the surroundings. “Experts report that when you focus on someone other than yourself, it interrupts usual tension-producing patterns” (Community Service). …show more content…

“Most of us spend far more time sitting or lying down than we do standing or walking” (Hansen). Simply moving around helps with far more than we realize. There has been an immense difference in lifestyles around the world that are the obvious cause of why societies are the way they are today. If people were forced to involve themselves in public services, they could possibly have a better outlook on the world along with many other positive factors. Instead of playing on their cellphones 24/7 while gaining weight, they would be making their community a better place. Technology is no doubt the greatest cause in global change from sedentary to active lifestyles. It was once normal to walk to the room down the hall and transfer a message. Now, a simple text or email is sent to keep from having to leave the comfortable desk chair. What used to consist of weekly grocery store visits is now electronically pulled up in front of you on a computer screen. No lifting, walking, or simple communication is required. Instead of laborious household chores consuming your day, they can be finished with no inconvenience involved, leaving little active tasks left to do with the free time that you have. Our ancestors were not given the opportunity to involve these short cuts in their lives. Hence the reason for the difference in the world today verses years ago. Mandatory public service could very well provide our world with better social skills, a decrease in obesity, and an increase in community likeliness. Instead of people being inactive with their free time, they would be actively making society a better place. Not only would the world have a better outlook on life, but also see an increase of inner happiness within ourselves. Therefore, leading to a healthy environment full of good deeds and increased involvement with

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