Soup Kitchens

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How to make the world a better place?, a question that millions of persons have had; from the most basic person to the ones with brilliant minds. It 's obvious that there is not just one thing to do in order to make this happen. Making the world a better place, is not a simple, and fast process, it takes time, and effort from many individuals contributing to society in order to improve it. Many may ask, what is a way in which one can contribute to the world in a way in which neither age, nor time come to be obstacles. The answer to this query is simple, volunteering. Volunteering is an act where an individual or group of individuals with an altruistic spirit help others or provide some service or things to society without expecting something …show more content…

Every single type of volunteering action is beneficial to society in a specific way. Nevertheless, one particular type of volunteering helps the homeless, and people suffering of starvation due to economic crisis. This is achieved by volunteering in soup kitchens, and food pantries. Soup Kitchens were established on 1929 as a result of the great depression stablished by Church 's, and Charities, and continue to exist, now a days. Soup Kitchens, and Food Pantries are places were the extremely poor people, and the homeless receive free food supplies. Food Pantries provide food to individuals in hunger, and help develop management skills on the volunteers. An example of this supplies are canned beans, tomato sauces, bread, tuna, sausages, etc. On the other hand, Soup Kitchens are places were people volunteer to cook meals for the one 's in hunger, and the homeless. A recent study showed that one Soup Kitchen produces over 6-8 million meals in 30 years. The meals prepared are healthy, and free which gives strength, relief, hope, and nourishment to the people who consume its service. With this type of volunteering, volunteers can develop culinary skills. Helping the one 's in starvation is such a good thing, the rate of malnutrition, and hunger decrease exponentially. Soup Kitchens, and Food Pantries wouldn 't exist if it weren 't for motivated volunteers who give to the others without expecting

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