Public Services: Altruistic Or Self-Help

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(JONES, 2012)Considers the two issues which are classified as either altruistic or self- help. In the case of altruistic there is no direct benefit for an individual, moreover itrequires one to give up or do something which has no direct impact on them. A lot of times, they do not even get to see the results. One example of an altruistic message is organ donation. For self-help, messages are typically trying to change one’s attitude or behaviour in a way that will positively impact the target. This message type is easier to get across due to the direct and visible change when the prescribed action is taken. (JONES, 2012)Uses four different types of messages for the research namely altruistic argumentative, altruistic emotional, self-help argumentative,…show more content…
This is starting to become an increasingly popular question for public service advertising as Gen Y is of age where people have the ability to make their own choices. Andwhen it comes to influencing this age group, it is important to look at what makes an ad regarding public service effective and gets the intended response whether it is an altruistic action, or a self-help action. Being the children of the baby boomers, their sheer numbers exude tremendous power to influence and transform every life stage they enter. Televisions were a household item for them when they were younger, cell phones became an everyday part of life, and having constant access to the internet was taken for granted by this generation. This generation is turning the world upside down when it comes to marketing and social issues. Marketers day in and out are having to find new ways to market to them and influence their decisions, whether it’s about a brand or a lifestyle choice or a social issue. However, this is no easy feat. Generation Y is mistrustful of mass media and cautious of its invasion into their privacy and personal lives. (JONES, 2012)research found that one of the greatest problem as to how to reach the generation on public service advertising was not just to target one information source but public service advertising must place ads in multiple media outlets in the hopes of reaching their target audience. Age-old tactics that once worked on their parents are no longer effective for Generation Y public service advertisements must be more creative. Even the slightest hint of puffery and Generation Y markets can pick it up and will disregard it
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