Pulp Fiction Narrative Analysis

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Mallorie Belk
Dr. Mike Pettengell
English Composition II
15 February 2018
Daytime Violence with Loose Morals Entwined
Who doesn 't want to space off in pure marvel over a type of film that created an era of its own? If that 's the case, then you are certainly no stranger to having heard of the film Pulp Fiction. This movie has always sparked nostalgia for me because my older sisters always used to let me join in on whatever they were doing (including viewing raunchy movies). First trend you 'll notice in this slick flick is the ever-apparent theme of loyalty. In the 1994 film, Pulp Fiction, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino practices thrilling barbarity to wittily poke fun at traditional societal norms. With his unique technique, a theme of
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The movie really revolves around Marsellus Wallace paying boxer Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) to throw his next fight. Marsellus Wallace’s two hitmen Jules and Vincent arrive in this scene, and later on as Vincent heads to the bar, encountering said boxer, and insulted him right off the bat. This is one of the many hints dropped regarding the theme of loyalty because, before Butch can do anything, Marsellus calls Vincent over. This is where Vincent is informed that he is in charge of entertaining Marsellus’ beautiful wife Mia (Uma Thurman). After the two enjoyed a surprisingly pleasant evening of dinner and dancing, Mia screws it all up. She found the heroin Vincent purchased prior to getting her and assumed it was cocaine. The loyalty comes into play as Vincent takes foaming-at-the-mouth Mia to his drug dealer Lance 's (Eric Stoltz) house where he’s able to revive her with a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart and thus gained a second chance to live. Not only that, both Mia and Vince decide it is best not to tell Marsellus what happened since everyone involved would be in deep doo doo. Loyalty is worth its weight in gold when your friend is the only person you know with an adrenaline shot. Tarantino does nothing by chance. His decision to highlight violent bloodshed throughout the film’s scenes strongly…show more content…
For most individuals, Pulp Fiction is a movie that must be seen more than one time to comprehend it entirely. I have viewed the picture with many friends, and they have admitted getting misplaced in all the time frames and dialogues, but when they observed the film a second time, the film’s direction made a lot more sense. The stories in many films are motivated by the ending, the climax of the film when all our answers are being answered. In other films, like Pulp Fiction, the story is being driven by nothing else but the telling of the story itself. In place of a beginning, middle and end, it’s more like getting dropped into the mind of a madman and leaving that world once the film ends. This widely popular, violent film is even one of my parent’s favorites! The sound track was also unique at the time. The acting was top notch. Also, and I cannot emphasize this enough, the characters were cool and highly quotable. I 'll drop the mic with a perfect quote from Rolling Stone, “Pulp Fiction is ferocious fun without a trace of caution, complacency or political correctness to inhibit its 154

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