Race Racism And White Privilege Time Wise Analysis

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Time Wise has started the conversation about race inequality and white privilege with his lecture “Baltimore and Beyond: Race Racism and White Privilege.” It is always a hard conversation to have since most people try to be political correct and do not want to offend anyone. Wise had made some good points that I believe anyone could understand and he also made some points that some people would be against. The first point he made that I found had a huge impact was the fact that Americans memorialize other countries’ hardships rather than our own. Wise used the example of a Holocaust Memorial that he saw. This is true we do not focus on what is or has happened in our country as much as we focus on what has happened in other places. In many cities across the country there are numerous Holocaust memorials and other memorials for various wars and tragedies that happened outside the United States. Though we memorialize tragedies that happened to Americans like the attack on Pearl Harbor and 9/11 we do not memorialize what we have done in this country and to other countries. I believe that Americans have this mentality that we can do no wrong and how that if America is involved its for the right reason. Wise made me think of all the unjust in this country and it isn’t just based on race. In this country we learn how we removed the Native Americans to make it a better place, but…show more content…
That memorial isn’t for all of the Native Americans removed

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