Police Brutality In The Civil Rights Movement

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Throughout African American history , the police force has been accountable for numerous detrimental deaths in the African American community due to racial discrimination. In 1960s, African American protesters were targeted by the police force because of the their desire to be be deemed as equal. Likewise, in today’s society African Americans are still experiencing active racial discrimination and injustices from the police force. African Americans have expressed their level of frustration with the inhumane actions of the police force. Police brutality of African American protesters has been rebirthed into 21st century by ongoing racial injustices through Henry Louis Gates Jr. and victims of the detrimental equality marches , evidence is presented. Since African Americans came out of slavery,…show more content…
In the 1960s the amount of injustices African Americans encountered were higher than ever. Africans Americans were merely fed up with the dehumanizing treatment , so they began to protest. This was called the Civil Rights Movement. African Americans were lynched , sicked by K-9s, hosed down , and even beaten in the streets by the police force for their equality. In fact as stated in Henry Louis Gates Jr’s Civil Rights Protest he elaborates on the police brutality African Americans experienced. In 1964 numerous black students stayed home to attend a non violent protest- rally to ensure a school boycott due to racial injustices in hopes to achieve racial harmony. This quickly backfired. The peaceful protest led to urban violence and horrific police brutality. After a white policemen shot and killed a Harlem teenager , African Americans apart of the NAACP and CORE began to attend non violent marches for justice of this young teen. There was never justice for the teen’s death , so therefore police
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