Racism In Math Education

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The Racism in Math Education In school, everyone is expected to pass, get good grades, and test scores. Although, in the article “The Racism in Math Education” by Melinda Anderson we see how every student and race is not looked at to succeed in math because of their race. They talk about how education has centered under performance of certain student racial groups, like the black, Latinos, etc. It amazes me because even in education other races that are not white or Asian are set to lowered standards or looked down upon. This article really stood out to me and was very relevant to me ,because I am a different race other than white and sometimes I do feel lowered and below my classmates. In my opinion anyone and everyone can succeed in anything …show more content…

If Math instructors change the way they are teaching it could help everyone not just the different raced students but society, so everyone can be looked at the same. We will have more students succeeding. I dislike the way we have all these stereotypes in Math education because, they need to start opening up more opportunity for all students to receive the same type of support and to be approached the same way when learning or getting a certain class, not because of where they come from or how they look, but for their intelligence and effort. Instead of doubting the students abilities teachers should change up their way of thinking and see them all as equal learners and thinkers. From the article, both Battey and Bullock agreed that school systems ought to support math educators in deconstructing and discarding the white frame of mathematics. Battey also stated “Hopefully this starts to attune people to what to look for in classrooms and how to provide more opportunities for students to engage more openly in …show more content…

Anyone and everyone can succeed in anything as long as they are taught right and are willing to learn and do so. Everyone should be taught the same and should be looked at the same and teachers should have the same high expectations for all their students who enter their class whether it’ Algebra 1, 2, Calculus, Trigonometry, etc. Not just Math instructors, but all instructors and teachers should change their way of thinking. First I talked about the how racial backgrounds can affect how students are taught, why I think the math educators have it all wrong, and lastly why we should change the way we are teaching all students. We need to stop looking at the outward appearance and stereotyping and start looking at the students minds and intelligence. It is better to see the willingness to learn and know things not making assumptions of people. We should have high expectations for everyone and reading this really opened my eyes, we should all be taught the same way and have the abilities to learn to the highest levels whether it’s in Math or in subject or place, without being judged before that, they won’t do good or pass other

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