Racism In North America

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Running head: Racism

Racism in North America
Gabriel Abi Nassif

Course: ENL105
Instructor: Dr. Giselle Hindi
Date of Submission: 16, January, 2013


Thesis statement: Racism is a major issue in the US since the colonial Era, and still exists nowadays.
I- Social discrimination
A- Symbolic racism
B- The victims in social discrimination

II- Racism in the economics
A- Historical economics
B- Economics discrimination

III- Political racism
A- Hill Collins’s book


People around the world, who speak about racism, usually criticize the social discrimination between white Americans, and African American; Especially people from Europe and the Middle East. In fact, it’s
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It all began in 1776 since the period called colonial and slave era and still exists nowadays. Racism is due to racial discrimination which led to loss of political rights and social rights. It’s often against Africans, Asian, and Latin who immigrated to north America. The English Americans were the only civilization who had the political rights, citizenship, voting rights and owning lands. Other races were discriminated especially the jews, irish and Italians, suffering from all kind of racism inequalities like slavery, segregation, and residential camps. In the 20th century, discrimination was prohibited by the law. But racial politics was still a major phenomenon till 2009, when Barack Obama, the first African American was elected president of the United States of America. He was reelected in 2012. Racism is still reflected in socioeconomic inequality and also in the symbolic racism. Racial stratification is, till this day, an issue in employment, housing and education. A lot of people in America still have prejudice against other races. Discrimination against Africans, Latin, and Muslims is still widely visible in the United States of America and…show more content…
People from Latin America were the targets in these days, especially in California and the Southwest. They were accused of economics and social issues in these days. So racism in the US was never Anti-black, but against all immigrants that came to North America from 1776 till nowadays .

The cause of the racism in economics and the discrimination in North America were caused by past the history of the country that is influence that new generation. Long time ago, the farmer were mistreated on the economic level. It was hard for them because they weren’t given bank loans very easily because of prejudice. They complained for the department of agriculture but they didn’t listen to them. Quoting from investor’s business daily:
Before the mortgage crisis, attorney General Janet Reno accused banks of racism for failing to market mortgages to poor minorities with weak credit. Fear prosecution set off a stampede of risky inner-city lending that led, in part, to today’s record home foreclosures. Now Reno’s deputy is prosecuting banks for doing too well what he and Reno ordered them to do before the

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