Radish Seeds Lab Report

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In this experiment, scientists, Emily Yau and Mona Howell, conducted an experiment that tested how acidity and radiation affects germination of radish seeds. We had hypothesized the seeds that microwave for 5, 10, and some of the 15 second seeds will grow. The radish seeds in the 1 and 2 teaspoons will sprout. We should accept our hypothesis because in the most part, it was correct. Although most of our data supports our hypothesis, some of our data contradicts our hypothesis. For the radiation experiment, most of the trials support our hypothesis because when we microwaved the seeds 30-60 seconds, barely any of the radish seeds grew. On the contrary, in trial two, when we microwaved them for 30-60 seconds, most of the seeds grew. For the acidity…show more content…
One thing that was definitely concluded from this experiment was that lemon juice, with such a strong ph, does not help radish seeds to grow/germinate. Since there were only three trials conducted in both the acidity and radiation experiment, the data and results cannot be completely reliable unless there were more trials to be conducted, especially in order to attempt to disregard the outlier in trial two from the radiation experiment. In the future, we would conduct this experiment in a different way by doing multiple trials on the same day and in the same room hanging it up on the same side window to try to get the results as close as we can. By making these changes for the near future, the temperature, the amount of sunlight

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