Ramifying Regards Responsible For The Ruin Of Romeo And Juliet

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Ramifying Regards Responsible for the Ruin of Romeo and Juliet
The tale of Romeo and Juliet is a cautionary one, warning of the dangers of impulsive love. William Shakespeare’s tragedy depicts a variety of human issues, the primary of which is the consequences to one’s actions. The ultimate consequence in the story is the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, the proponents of which are discussed still to this day. A Critical Essay on Romeo and Juliet (Source 2) by Lois Kershen which debates the reasons behind the tragedy, and Teenagers - Inside the Teenage Brain (Source 3) by Marty Wolner which analyzes and explains teenage brain development, are elements that further uncover nuances behind the ruin of Romeo and Juliet. The tragic demise of Romeo and …show more content…

The main goal of the story is debated by Kershen in her essay in which she contemplates that,“The love affair of Romeo and Juliet may be only a device to bring about an end to the feud and show how terrible the consequences can be of such violent and vindictive behavior.” (Source 2) Romeo and Juliet’s demise becomes much more certain when considering the possibility that they are martyrs for ending the feud. From the beginning of their lives and relationships, they are just pieces used to end a much greater issue than their own love. The violent feud manipulates their love, and coerces them towards certain doom. Everytime that Romeo and Juliet make progress, the progress is impeded and set back. They are cursed from ever being happy together, the story dictates the future and the fate of Romeo and Juliet. Their relationship causes consequences that lead to their death, but their death is a consequence of the feud itself. The feud embodies the nature of Romeo and Juliet, impulsive and passionate, without rationale, and the product of negligence. Just like Romeo and Juliet’s relationship, the feud is shunned by society and needs to end. The prince wants to end the fighting of those who perpetuate the ancient hatred, his punishment to Romeo being banishment, “There is no world without Verona walls / But purgatory, torture, hell itself. / Hence “banished” is banished from the world, / And world’s exile is death. Then “banished” / Is death mistermed.” (Source 1) Romeo banishment is the catalyst for the cataclysmic events that follow, all of which are the descendants of a much older issue, the feud. Romeo avenges his hotheaded friend Mercutio, who fights his grave enemy Tybalt. Mercutio dies in the arms of Romeo at the hands of Tybalt, subsequently Romeo takes action upon the relative of Juliet, and kills Tybalt. Romeo’s murder is

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