Family Feud To Fatal Endings In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Family Feud to Fatal Endings

Family, oh, family where for art thou family? The families of Romeo and Juliet never knew what was happening within the palace walls. Did they notice, did they even care? Two young lovers, from two fighting families, die because of a feud that forbid their love. Shakespeare, in the disastrous story of Romeo and Juliet, chose the theme of family.
The family feud causes Romeo and Juliet to kill themselves with their love still a secret. If the two families hadn’t been fighting then Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t have had to keep their love a secret and they wouldn’t have had to fake Juliet’s death which lead to both of them really dieing. The two of the families fighting caused them to keep their love a secret and eventually their deaths, which all started with family. The two kids died with their families still fighting and the story ending and …show more content…

The Friar and nurse knew that they were married because they helped them do it and helped them while the parents just made things worse. For example Lord Capulet making Juliet marry Paris when she clearly did not want to. Both of the children also trusted the caretakers much more than the parents.This proves that family is the theme because everything leads back to problems in the family or between the two families.
Clearly the family feud causes Romeo and Juliet to kill themselves with their love still a secret. They wouldn’t have had to lie if the parents would have just been more involved with what the kids were doing. The Friar and Nurse who weren't even family knew more about them than the parents. Based on hard evidence it is clear that Shakespeare chose the theme of Family for his story. Whether family is the theme or not one thing is for sure, in a literary world where romance falls untimely between two young lovers, with a feud between their families, the outcome is never a happy

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