Randy Pausch Pancreatic Cancer Essay

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This book has encouraged me to do what I want to do. I realized that everything is possible, but to being successful I have to work pretty hard. Randy Pausch, the book writer, had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; consequently, he was really concerned about what he were going to do. He had two sons with Jai, his wife. Jai used to encourage him, but when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer he started to think about himself, about what he had been, and about what makes him unique. He believed that the pancreatic cancer made him unique, but he concluded that the cancer did not make him unique because there was no arguing that. More than 37,000 Americans a year are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer alone. Despite his pancreatic cancer, he was really optimistic, but sometimes we got a little problem and we turn into a pretty negative person. We must learn about him. Maybe he was sad or concerned about his pancreatic cancer, but that did not affect him because he…show more content…
We have to dream such as Randy Pausch did. Maybe his dream could be different of our dream because his dream was cure his cancer, but it is not important what is our dream, the important is dream because every successful people have dreamed more than once, so if they could become true their dreams we also can do it. This quote leads us to the another great quote: “I was heartbroken, but I was not deterred. I would find a way around this brick wall.” Trying to become true our dreams we are going to have a lot of problems, but we do not have to deter, we have to work harder than we have been working because that is the only way that we are going to being successful; although, we cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand. I also realized with this book that I have been spending a lot of time complaining about my problems, and when I complain about some problem nothing changes, but if I use that time working hard to accomplish my goal, I could get

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