Ratifying The Constitution Persuasive Essay

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After convening together yesterday, I finally understood the true importance of my decision and of my votes; they will not only have a major impact on our present generation but on posterity as well. Therefore, I do not make this decision lightly, but given the current trajectory of our states and the future conflicts that might occur if we choose not to change, I strongly believe that ratifying the Constitution would be the best possible solution for our nation. For this reason, I am supporting and voting for John Adams, James Madison, and George Washington. John Adams convinced me that “unity, peace, and religious freedom” will prosper with the introduction of the Constitution; he persuasively argued that this unity will finally relieve the tensions between states. Because I strongly believe in peacemaking and in religious freedom, I am compelled to think that ratifying this new document would help to improve our nation greatly‒both socially and politically. I trust that under the government proposed by Adams‒a government which focuses on us and on our rights‒there will someday be justice for …show more content…

For the past few years, when the states have been sovereign, I have heard about their failing to compromise with each other and their resorting to unnecessary violence. It would make little sense to allow them to continue this useless squabbling. Change needs to be made immediately if we want to avoid a war from breaking out between states or with another country. We need a government that can reorganize this nation: a feat that I believe can be accomplished if we follow the plan presented in the Constitution. As William Penn, one of my famous, fellow Quakers, wrote, “There is no peace without justice, no justice without order, and no order without [stable]

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