Rationale In The Great Gatsby

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Written task one is centered on “The Great Gatsby”, a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and the way we, as readers, understand the language, literature and context of the piece. I have chosen to focus my written task on the final chapters of the book, 7 and 8. During this part of the book, we’re faced with Myrtle’s and Gatsby’s murders as well as Wilson’s suicide. My task is based on these events and will be written in the perspective of George Wilson through a police, investigation.

The main idea I have chosen to depict is exploring how a minor character in the novel deals with the events that occur. George Wilson has been a minor character throughout the first two thirds of the book and only begins to play a major role towards the end. To truly capture the essence of Wilson, the character I chose to portray, I studied the way he communicates throughout the book. I discovered that Wilson characteristics are extremely uneducated in terms of his speech. Basic vocabulary and a short attention span is how Fitzgerald characterized Wilson. My aim is to explain Wilson’s innermost thoughts and emotions concerning the alleged affair between Gatsby and his wife, as well as his wife’s murder. Wilson is enraged at Gatsby for taking away the life of his wife and seeks revenge, which then leads him to brutally murdering Gatsby, followed by his own tragic suicide.

My chosen text type is in the format of a police investigation. A case where George Wilson is interviewed
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