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Written task one is centered on “The Great Gatsby”, a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and the way we, as readers, understand the language, literature and context of the piece. I have chosen to focus my written task on the final chapters of the book, 7 and 8. During this part of the book, we’re faced with Myrtle’s and Gatsby’s murders as well as Wilson’s suicide. My task is based on these events and will be written in the perspective of George Wilson through a police, investigation.

The main idea I have chosen to depict is exploring how a minor character in the novel deals with the events that occur. George Wilson has been a minor character throughout the first two thirds of the book and only begins to play a major role towards
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TIME: PST.21:00 P.M.

Late in the night of Aug. 20th, 20.00 pm to be exact, automobile accident occurred down in the Valley of Ashes. Body identified as Myrtle Wilson, wife of Mr. George Wilson, owner of the Wilson Auto shop where the accident occurred. Cause of death, car accident. Car yet to be identified however witness’s statements claim the car that killed Ms. Wilson was bright yellow in color and after the hit the driver hesitated to stop however sped away.
Couple hours post the accident, interview conducted with victim’s husband, George Wilson. Witnesses reported violent outbreak as well as possible physical altercation between victim’s husband and Tom Buchanan.

Q.) Could you introduce yourself, sir?

A.) Sure, sure, my name’s George. George Wilson. There’s my wife. My Myrtle. I’m her husband. We got married while back. Been livin’ down here in the shop since. Livin’ off business yanno? Been buy’n and sell’n cars but business’s been tight. Not running smooth a while. Tom’ll sell me his car. Was gonna resell and make some dough. Head off West to escape this heat. Settle down somewhere nice. Give Myrtle more. Treat her right. It’s all I wanted yanno? Been livin’ for
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When you left last night, I went down to the garage. Don’t know what to do now. Place so empty. Her scent gone. That fella Tom Buchanan stopped by. Came to check on how I was doing. Couldn’t believe my eyes. How dare he step foot in my home after taking her away from me. Makin’ me a bloody fool. I was so angry. Tried to strangle him I did! Bastard took my Myrtle! Killed her and drove off in his yellow bloody car. He kept tryna’ tell me somethin’. Said he knew who did it. Said he wasn’t drivin’ the yellow car. He said he knew the guy. The guy who owned the yellow car. The guy drivin’ it. Guy who took her away from me. Gatsby. That Jay Gatsby. From West Egg he said. Said they switched cars for the afternoon. I started yellin’ thought he was lyin’. He shoved me his car then. Parked outside the garage. Blue coupe. Tom said he knew Gatsby. Said he been sneakin’ off with Myrtle. Said she wasn’t only one either! That bloody murderer been seeing women all over the place. Don’t care if they married or not. Said Myrtle probably one of them. I asked if I’d ever met him. Said no. I told Tom I did that I’d kill this Gatsby! Make him pay for taking her away from me! No more foolin’ ‘round with me. I know who did it. I see it all now. She ran out on the street cause she him! She knew his car. Knew it was him. She though he’d help her. My poor Myrtle too blind to see he don’t care ‘bout

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