Ravens Pass: A Short Story

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The ghosts in Ravens Pass As the three young teenage boy finished egging their 7th house. Tony exclaimed “ Alex my arms are tired.”. “I know I know how about we get some more candy” Whispered Alex. “ Yeah i'm starved” mumbled Philip. “Look guys there's 4 little kids with a whole bunch of candy right there” exclaimed Alex. “ But Alex that's wrong” said Tony. “ Yeah really robbing little kids of their candy thats low even for you” Phillip whispers “ Why can't we get our own candy we are outside right.” “I know there's lots of people still giving out candy over there.” mummbled Tony “ I know why do you want to rob little kids?” snapped Phillip. “Look I know it sounds wrong but we could get even more if we do both take the …show more content…

“Why do you blame him for everything seriously why?” yelled Tony. “ I don’t blame him for everything” complained Phillip. “Yes you do i’m not allowed to go to Tonys house or yours now cuz of you” yelled Alex. “ Oh yeah so why are you going to Tonys house if your not allowed there ?” questioned Philip “ Cuz I live like two houses away from him.” explained Alex “ Dude you do know that he got hurt right I think he really deserves to go to my house.” yelled Tony. Just then Alexs phone rings and he anwsers it. “ Hello hello hello mom is this you hello.” spoke Alex. “ Alex who is it.” blurted Tony. “ Nobodys anwsering.” whispered Alex. “ Who would call and then not talk to you.”asked Philip. “What the heck just happened to my phone.” said Alex. Just then Alexs phone whacks out turning on and off with him not even touching it. The phone starts to spark in his pocket so he outs it on the ground and goes to a safe distance so he could see the sparks ruin his new phone. After that fiasco they

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