Reason For Leaving Valley Forge

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Leaving Valley Forge
In 1780 I see myself as a free American living without British rule. My decision is to not re-enlist in the Continental Army. Over the fall of 1777, General Washington set up a camp for the winter called Valley Forge. I am leaving Valley Forge for three reasons which are: there is a lot of sickness, I want to go home, and most of all, I do not want to die. Just because I am not re-enlisting, it does not mean that I have lost all hope for the Continental Army. They still can win the war, even if all they are is just a group of barely trained farmers. The soldiers in Washington’s army are dedicated. They believe that they have a chance at winning. In 1773 I got the news that my brother participated in an event in Boston. Members of the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawk Indians and dumped crates of tea into the Boston harbor. Then I realized that I wanted to join the Continental Army to …show more content…

Dr. Waldo said, “Heartily wish myself at home, my skin and eyes are almost spoil’d with continual smoke.” Dr. Waldo wants to go home too and he is the doctor so he should probably be one of the most loyal soldiers to Washington. The summer soldiers are going home. (Paine 153) It is not like the summer soldiers did not help fight in the war and I also served my nine month enlistment. “But he who stands now, deserves the love and thanks of man and women.” (Paine 153) I stand now and served my time so even though I am not re-enlisting I still deserve thanks. “There were no beds, just straw on the mud floor. Cold was one problem; smoke was another.” (Roden 141) I want to go back to my own bed in my own warm, smoke free house without having to deal with the hardships at Valley Forge. This reason is causing me to not re-enlist because I do not like Valley Forge and I just want to be back at my own home. Valley Forge is really harsh and I want to be away from all of the

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