Essay On Juvenile Recidivism

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There are several different programs focused on offenders. These programs range from religious, educational, medical and job training related. The main goal in each program is to reduce the chances of them returning back to their old habit that originally placed them in jail or in other words reduce recidivism. Recidivism is a very important element in the criminal justice system, because reducing or increasing the number of re-offenses in the community could be beneficial or make the community flood with criminals and their behavior. Without a focus on recidivism, officers will be arresting the same offenders repeatedly and the individual will not be getting the help they need, which could be the difference of them being a productive member of society or not. With …show more content…

Criminal justice professionals have noticed that more needs to be done with offenders if the habit of re-offending will be reduced. In fact, re-entry has become a popular word and become quite a trend in the criminal justice system. Prince William-Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center or ADC is one facility that has implemented a re-entry program that focuses on offenders getting released within forty-five days. Offenders are offered information and applications for several different organizations that are willing to help them upon release such as housing and shelters, substance abuse treatment and food stamps. They are also in the process of starting a re-entry dorm to specifically focus on the inmates that qualify and would like to participate. The re-entry dorm will be a specific unit within the jail with inmates who want a better life for themselves and qualify to attend. They will be working with interns and other volunteers that are willing to help them with the needs they have. Whether that would be getting information for a job, heath care information, vocational training, furthering their education and much

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