Recovery Model Of Mental Health

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Substance abuse and addiction go hand in hand with mental health illnesses. Not only can these disorders interfere with everyday lives, but also cause great harm to oneself and others around them such as their children. Substance abuse and addiction can cause parents to lose custody of their children, homelessness, and even death. It is important that anyone who is suffering with these mental illnesses get treatment before it is too late. The recovery model of mental health lays out the treatment for these mental disorders by incorporating methods that promote the collaboration of psychological professionals and patients. There are centers, non-profit organizations, and facilities that treat people with disorders such as these.
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Organizing these type of services is a structure called Recovery Community Centers (Haberle et. al, 2014).” These centers provide services that promote recovery coaching and resources that make it easier for recovery. The article discusses the effects of peer support (a tenet of the recovery model for mental health), and reports that volunteers had a huge impact on patients’ recovering, by providing a listening and non-judgmental ear. Centers that use this model design are also proven to be successful in treating their patients.
The Hope House’s programs implement tenets of recovery from the recovery model of mental health and the ideas displayed within the articles to aid in the success of treatment for the ladies and their children. These tenets include holistic care, hope, empowerment, respect, responsibility, and peer support. In addition, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques such as modeling and operant conditioning are also used to treat the behaviors associated with addiction and substance abuse …show more content…

I really enjoyed every bit of the experience with the ladies and their beautiful children. The Hope House is the epitome of compassion and support for these women and has a wonderful program for addiction and substance abuse recovery. I felt as if the women within that community were like family and really were getting better and doing better for themselves and their children. Without the Hope House, they would not have as many opportunities or advantages. It felt really good to be apart of something that was bigger than myself and I will definitely be going back to volunteer there in the

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