Redwall Character Analysis

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Kody Battaglear
Mr. Bergmann
Senior English
September 1, 2015
“No doubt your sword is indeed a beautiful thing. It is a tribute to whoever forged it in bygone ages. There are very few such swords as this one left in the world, but remember, it is only a sword, Matthias! It contains no secret spell, nor holds within its blade any magical power. This sword is made for only one purpose to kill. It will only be as good or evil as the one who wields it.” (Brian Jacques, Redwall). While there is twenty-two books in this series, the difference is that unlike a normal book series which is in order the Redwall series has no order they can be in the past, present or the future. The first theme will be about good vs evil then the next theme …show more content…

One that will be talked about is that one must be cautious. In some of the books the younger growing character will be told to be patent or cautious when dealing with a problem. Now going to the idea how the problems in the books can relate to real life problems. One that is a popular one is Blaggut a rat that was a boatswain on the ship Pearl Queen (Brian Jacques, the bellmaker). Now the problem is he followed his captain a rat called Slipp, now Slipp was a bad creature that at the end of the book he killed one of the members in Redwall Abbey, Blaggut being more of a kinder creature even though he is a rat which are usually bad in the books, when faced with his captain killing someone he decided to not follow his captain but to kill his captain as revenge. Then he went back to Redwall Abbey to face his actions instead of running away from them. Now finally the moral story behind the books is that to never give up on your friends that it is better to make a friend than an enemy and that having honor is better than having no …show more content…

Brian Jacques first started in a very different way than you would think an author would start. He first realized he was good at writing was when he was in elementary school, while enrolled there, an experience marked his potential as a writer. After he had been assigned to write an essay about the unusual characteristics of animals, Jacques wrote about a bird that cleaned the teeth of a crocodile. Brian’s teacher refused to believe that a boy his age could write as well as he did. Brian refused to say that he had copied the story, he was called a liar. It was only after writing that paper he realized that he had a talent for writing. Now going on to the next main point of why Brian Jacques actually became an author, well to be honest he actually had wrote his first book when he was a truck driver for children attending the royal school for the blind in Liverpool, England. But he had no more intention than that, but a friend of his sent his book to publishers without telling Brian, which led to a contract for the first five books Brian wrote. Now the final main point is why he wrote his books the why he did. Well when he was a truck driver he would spend time reading to children at the blind school. But he did not like the way children’s literature was like, he thought it needed more so he wrote the stories. In his books he has a very descriptive

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