John's Gospel Analysis

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Who was the disciple whom Jesus loved? It was John, the son of Zebedee who grew up fishing, but later responded to the call to follow Jesus. As one of the twelve disciples, John gives a unique perspective on whom Jesus was and what he came to accomplish through his life, death and resurrection. Ultimately, John’s Gospel is among the most unique of the four Gospel accounts, John is passionate about the church properly understanding just who Jesus is and he believes that Jesus shows the world his Father in Heaven. First off, about ninety percent of the entire book is unique to the other Gospel writers. For instance, John’s Gospel begins without a genecology, but rather a beautiful poetic narrative of who Jesus through a mixture of Jewish and …show more content…

This begins with his prologue in chapter one in which John calls Jesus the “Word” and states that Jesus was “with God from the beginning” and “created all things” (John 1:1-3). Through this introduction, John was introducing Jesus as God come to earth. Yet even verse fourteen gets more to the point by stating, “So the Word became human and made his home among us” (John 1:14). John is stating that God put on flesh. However, there was the teaching Gnosticism that was making its way through the early church, in which believed that Jesus was not fully God and fully man. Yet in order to combat this falsity, John continues to balance the full humanity of Jesus as well as his divinity. Jesus has power over the elements—water into wine, raising Lazarus from the dead, among other miracles; and Jesus human—he got tired, he wept and he got angry. All in all, John gives the church and people today clarity about Jesus’ full humanity and …show more content…

Not only that, John’s Gospel is unique from the other Gospel writers; and this uniqueness provides a beautiful picture of Jesus and his mission. Moreover, John is ultimately concerned with helping the church embrace Jesus’ full humanity and divinity. Lastly, John focuses on Jesus’ purpose to bring glory to the Father and reveal the Father to the world. All in all, John’s Gospel is a favorite among people because of the stories and presentation of Jesus. And at the same time, this Gospel continues to breath life into the church today all over the

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