Salon Brands Case Study

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1.) Would you wash a Gucci silk shirt with dish detergent?
2.) Why not, most people in this class have no problem washing their hair with plastic, because this is what is in most of those store bought shampoos and conditioners you buy.
3.) At one point I myself used drug store hair products, then I went to beauty school, took and state board exam, and have been working as a licensed cosmetologist for the last eight years.
4.) I will be telling you the difference between salon brands and store brands, why you should not buy professional hair products from a drug store or big box store, and how it will save you money in the long run.
5.) 83% of this class uses hair products from a big box store. I am hoping by the end of this I would have convinced you all to move on to
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C.) The expired products and start to turn rancid or can start to evaporate which leads to mixing in other brands. So when buying these old shampoos and conditioners, you really don’t know what is going in your hair.
D.) This is all illegal by the way. If the products are tract back to the distributor they will lose their licenses and face jail time.
(Transition) Now how by buying the real professional products will save you money in the long run.
1.) Products sold in a salon are more concentrated, therefore you use less, resulting in only needing to replace your products every three to four months.
2.) Store brand products are diluted by water making you use more, which forces you into buying new ones ever month.
3.) Not to mention, if you pay for a color and cut in a salon using professional shampoos and conditioners will result in the color lasting longer instead of looking faded after a week or two from the harsh chemicals store brand shampoos have.

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