Reflection On The Personal Element Of Andrea Yates

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1. Please first reflect on the personal element of the Andrea Yates story - do you feel/not feel sympathetic toward Andrea? Why or why not? In your opinion what does her personal/home life look like? Do you perceive her as healthy/insane? I feel a little bit of sympathy towards Andrea Yates, but not so much. The reason is because although Andrea did have mental problems which must have been hard to deal with while taking care of kids I do still believe she was still fully capable of understanding that her actions were wrong. Andrea lived a normal life and showed promise that she would lead a successful life. Andrea grew up with loving parents, she got good grades, and she was liked by everybody, and had a career going for her as a nurse. Even after she got married and had kids it could be seen throughout the home footage that her kids were very playful and loving there was nothing that could have made her insane in her home life. While in her personal life I do believe that there were some things making her stressed out such as her depression and deciding to follow the teachings of Michael Peter Woroniecki, but I feel that because she was given help for those problems especially her depression she should have been healthy enough to recognize whether her …show more content…

The reason because Andrea never displayed the full characteristics of an insane person. Although she did have depression she received help from medical doctors and was prescribed drugs to help her with that. However, Andrea made efforts to not take the drugs even so far as going by faking it to others that she did take the drug when she really didn’t. Those actions proves that Andrea knew she was not doing the right thing. Also Andrea kept downgrading their home for the purpose to be closer to her family even though it didn’t really help, but she made an effort to do something good for her family. Which also shows that she had a mentality to help and do something

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