Reflection: Spindletop Crisis Stabilization Unit

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I completed my community service at Spindletop Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU). Spindletop CSU is a nonprofit organization that is a community mental health, intellectual, developmental disabilities, and chemical dependency center here in Southeast Texas. The purpose of this community center is to provide services to people with mental disabilities to allow them to live and work in the community. The CSU provides a variety of behavioral healthcare services. Treating patients with depression, schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses. Most aspects of mental illness are influenced by social factors (such as gender, social class, race and ethnicity, and household patterns) and social institutions (such as disability and social security systems, labor markets, and healthcare organizations). …show more content…

They were not judgmental towards each other, because they are there for the same reason which is to overcome their challenges. I participated in their group therapy, recreational activities, and interacted with the patients individually. Also, I helped pass out trays and fill up the snack pantry. Conclusively, I did not know so many people have a mental illness. I completed five hours in one day, and another five hours in one day a week later. The progression I witness in the patients within a week, and seeing some of the patients overcome their challenges was amazing. I feel like the CSU center is a great benefit for the communities here in Southeast

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