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National Honor Society Junsu Yoon After I came to SJNMA, I had run into lots of troubles. As a new boy who came after the military training was over, I had to caught up with all the school function by myself. I could not imagine succeeding or even making stable life at the school. However, I have challenged myself throughout the year, pushing myself to be the better person tomorrow. There were few challenges I faced in this school such as academics, athletics, spiritual and character development, and the military traditions. As a foreigner who has English as a second language, English had majorly let me down in Academics. Usually, I found myself lost during class and did not understand anything, but when I reviewed in Korean, it was easy. Therefore, I figured out understanding English is key to success. To improve my english, I start to talk more to other people, revise same essay over and over again, and studied same thing in korean, and back to english. It took more time than others of course, however, I manage to …show more content…

Therefore, I had always seek my chance to take initiative and help other people. It is also my main reason why I have chosen SJNMA, to learn how to lead others. As a new boy, I had observe lots of leadership, saw how good leaders act, and also saw how to fail as a leader. With that observation, I had became team leader which is the first step for leadership position. It was small role and there were not much to do. However, whenever I had chance to take over my team members, I tried to find efficient way to lead them and guide them. Of course, it did not work out all the time. However, with this experience, I made my position up to Ops NCO this year, which is 8th in charge of the company. However, I am still not satisfied with myself, because I want to use more of my experience to more people and know what works well for me and my followers and what does not

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