Reflective Account

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Reflective Account

Throughout a learning programme it is the responsibility of a Learning Support Assistant to supervise and monitor students in the learning environment and outside of the learning environment if this is necessary. This can be done in many different ways depending on the students’ needs and disabilities. Some students need the support from an Learning Support Assistant by having the task or assignment that they are working on read to them, sometimes more than once so that they actually understand what they need to do, others need to have their notes taken down for them because they struggle to take all of the notes themselves, they should always be encouraged to take their own notes even if they do not get them all. You may
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Some students needs notes taken down but you should always encourage them to try and take their own notes and this can be noted if they are unwilling to take their own notes, you also need to keep track of a student’s attendance so that if it suddenly deteriorates then the tutor or cast tutor can find out why this is happening. Some students will need different coloured paper when doing tests or they will need coloured overlay this is because some students have high lens syndrome. We do this because we are expected to give the student the correct level of support. Students will get asked questions about what they have learnt at the end of some lessons, to ensure that they have understood and learnt correctly, this is important so that the Learning Support Assistant and the tutor can go forward.
There are certain activities that can engage and motivate the learner, this could be cube which gets passed to different students and there is a question on the side of the cube that they have to ask, also reward cards are used this would be if a student has worked well and remained focused then they would get a reward for that. Also some students are encouraged to use a Blurt book this is where the student can write something down as soon as they think of something so that they do not forget what they have thought
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