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Pre-Ap world history
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Document 1
H- The map was illustrate from 1427 the reign of itzcoatl to 1520,reign of motecuhzoma
I-this map intended to the future people to show the history of Aztec between 1427 to 1520
P-The Anztec was conquest all the land from itzcoatl start in 1427 to throughout the mid-south America
P-The purpose of this map was to show what territory did Aztecs conquer the land from time to time.
O-the warrior of aztec has conquered the land throughout 93 years,started from itzcoatl until to the reign of Motecuhzoma.
SUMMARY POV-all the territory of Anztec that has conquer is all by the fierce fighter warrior.All of the land was conquered by using force push the land and fight the people.They …show more content…

O-the man who was about to sacrifice,Friar Bernadino was surprised the beauty of a men and explain how important he is
SUMMARY POV-Friar Bernardino de sahagun is a member of the priest,he gave us their imaging during the spiritual sacrifice that when someone use as a sacrifice ,he is consider as the person that has to be the beauty and be the noble men,like a person w/o lacking,he has to be sacrifice for the nation.and he will be consider as a very important person
Document 6
H- The spanish viceroy were commissioned in 1541,and it show the related of the Histories of the Indies of the New Spain in 1581
I-this document were explaining to the person who looking at the picture that drawing by the Aztec Artist.
P-the prisoner were forcing bring them down sacrifice under the sun and fire stabbing them and take their heart to sacrifice
P-the purpose of the description and picture was to explain who they will take and sacrifice,and how they

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