Reinvention In Huck Finn

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Reinvention Reinvention is a concept that directly means to change something or someone to the point that it is almost new. One can reinvent themselves physically, emotionally, or even mentally. These ideas all change the person drastically. Mark Twain aimed to show us the reinvention of characters through noticeable variations in characters personalities and their method of dealing with certain types of situation. He showed us the improvements in Huck Finn’s mentality by pushing him into circumstances, which forced us, the reader to truly evaluate his personality inside and out. We come across these events throughout the novel when Huck comes across typical racial discriminations he changes his response and course of action throughout the …show more content…

He explains to us that Huck Finn came from a very underprivileged lower class Caucasian family; and how as a young boy he never had a role model of a father to look at. Additionally, he never learned the valuable lessons in life and how to clearly differentiate between right and wrong. His father was portrayed to us as a drunk thug, who did not comprehend the responsibility the man of the family has. Instead young Finn had a philanthropic widow as his warden, she attempts on multiple occasions to transform Huck from a neglected boy to an erudite man. She faces a great deal of resilience from Huck. Although we do not see much of the widow, nonetheless we get the impression that she is a wonderful lady. She embraces Huck and takes him under her ‘wing’ and promises to educate him, which may not be what he wants at that instance, but it is best for him at the time, taking into consideration the standards of society. Even with his difference in mentality with the kind widow, he has nothing but admiration for her. He often says that she is “regular and decent,” and “she warn’t ashamed of me.” The widow endeavours to fill in the shoes of his father by teaching him the basic faithful guidance he had neglected due to the absence of his

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