Relationship Between Language And Color

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When people think language and color, they think that they would be studied separately. In cases, such as the anthropology, there is a fine line between them. Everyone knows that different cultures have different traditions and speak different languages than other cultures are used too. However, these different cultures do have an unfamiliar way identifying the colors around them. For years, scientists have studied the languages of unusual tribes from around the world to see how their color vocabulary is affected in their language. Languages and color vocabulary have been some of the most revolutionary breakthroughs of the 1800s. The relationship between language and color has been studied for centuries, therefore some of the theories that have been researched are the perception of color, the relation between the perception of color and when it is spoken in language, and the challenge of those two theories. William Ewart Gladstone had been in the language and color movement for about three years researching a deeper meaning to Homer’s writings where color was concerned (Deutscher 25). Gladstone was obsessed with the Iliad and the Odyssey. He published his book about the color vocabulary in Homer’s works not long after. It was called the Studies of Homer and the Homeric Age. Throughout the book there was always one main point that Gladstone wanted to make: “Homer’s perception and use of color” (26). Gladstone thought it was strange Homer never reference colors like blue,
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