Religion Cause More Harm Than Good To Society Essay

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RELIGION CAUSES MORE HAARM THAN GOOD TO SOCIETY Religion according to the oxford dictionary is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power especially a personal God or gods. Every human being in one way or the other belongs to a particular religion. Since religion makes us worship one God then it should be binding all of us. Actually it is not, it rather tears people apart day in and day out .It is true that religion has influenced society positively in diverse ways, but the bad outweighs the good. Thus I think religion causes more harm than good to the society. It is true that religion has some positive effects on the society for instance religion really promotes morality. For instance, Buddhism teaches members to be patient, kind, have moral discipline and many more. It runs through almost every religion. Its one of the things they hammer on daily but aside that a lot of …show more content…

In the book Beyond Tractability it says religion serves as a way for people to distinguish themselves from others. Just like the way people use ethnic groups and race to distinguish themselves from others. Religion now serves the same purpose [2]. So now just like the way we have racial discrimination and ethnic discrimination, there is religious discrimination. NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF RELIGION ON SOCIETY Religious groups have had vey bad effects on society; they caused a lot of harm to people and property. Firstly they cause death, injury and might even people for life. Some people would even get traumatized as a result of havocs caused by religious bodies. These people kill people a lot. For example a great number of people were killed in Nigeria when Boko Haram bombed the mosque one Friday. There would be an increase in crime wave because there would be a lot of homeless and jobless people after these holy wars occur. Since these people want to make ends meet, they might resort to social vices such as prostitution, armed robbery,

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