Republican Debate Pros And Cons

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The Democratic Debate on Tuesday, October 13 was set to be a great Las Vegas show. It was doubtful that this debate would be anywhere near as fun to watch as the Republican debate with it’s over the top characters Trump, Fiorina, Christie and Bush but it did give an important idea where these particular candidates stand on issues that worry the everyday American. Anderson Cooper introduced the candidates as they took the stage - Chafee, O’Malley, Clinton, Sanders, and Webb. As the candidates introduced themselves and Cooper starts the debate with an awesome question to Clinton, “Will you say anything to get elected?” Clinton explains that any changes in her positions have more to do with learning more about the issues and that as a progressive candidate she likes to get things done. Cooper then asks Sanders how a socialist can win the election and Sanders immediately…show more content…
Sanders explained that as a young man he objected to the policy and respected those that fought for our country. Interestingly, illegal immigration, a hot topic of the Republican debate, barely rated a comment. Of course, marijuana use was also discussed and then the candidates talked about who probably hated them the most. Webb’s response about someone in Vietnam trying to kill him but not being around today was a bit creepy. After watching the Democratic debate, it was obvious that the debate was nothing less than the Hilary Clinton’s show and the other candidates are just there to make her look smarter and more qualified to lead this country. Personally, I think this will be an easy nomination win for Clinton unless the remaining candidates develop better positions and begin to talk specifics about what they believe will help make this country a better stronger for
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