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Introduction Blank sea, no plane, no communication, and no exact location of the Electra. Amelia Earhart was the first American female to fly across the ocean. She and her plane the Electra set flight to the skies. Amelia disappeared unexpectedly during her journey possibly from lack of fuel or engine failure. This is the story about Amelia Earhart’s solo flight across the ocean. Flying Inspiration Amelia, born to fly was willing to do many of the women 's “firsts” throughout her life of her flying career. Amelia Earhart at a young age tried to fly during her childhood. Her inspiration was a childhood invention. Amelia 's invention worked with a few tweaks of adjustment. (Davis, 1972) When It was just right she tried it out and said, "I flew!" (Davis, 1972) Her and her cousins and friends made, the "rolly coaster." (Davis, 1972) A Famous Flight After her inspiration she was completely into flying and planes. One of her famous first flights was the Friendship. Friendship was one of Amelia 's flights and she got to fly it herself on June 18th. ( Randolph, 1987) This was the first time that she got to fly the Friendship. She and a few others went on the Friendship flight. The Friendship flight took place on June 3, 1928. (Davis, 1972) She thought that her Friendship flight, one of many, would inspire many in the future of flying. (Randolph, 1987) Fames Amelia Earhart had many fames during her life of flying. She was the first female to fly to Europe from America.

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