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The Home Depot The Home Depot started in 1978, when two men named Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus established the home depot in Atlanta, Georgia. We are going to talk about how Home Depot was started, how it has grown into today, the two men who founded/started it, there appliances, the competition between the Home Depot and Lowe’s, and lastly the top selling for the home depot. The two men who have started Home Depot have created a big empire that many people go to the Home Depot for to get appliances, or utensils that they may need.
Many of you have heard of The Home Depot. Would you like to find out how it all got started and the history of it? Home Depot is the largest home improvement store out there. Not only is it the largest home improvement …show more content…

The Home Depot today averages 105,000 square feet of indoor space. Also today Home Depot still remains the largest retailer with nearly 400,000 orange associates and more than 2, 200 stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. There are 478 warehouse stores across the nineteen states today. Warehouse stocks sell 40,000 items ranging from building materials, plumbing, walls and floors, paint, electrical provides, tools, and lastly landscaping. The difference in the Home Depot is that they are all about leadership, and they care what their customers think of …show more content…

Many people say both because they have so much in common that it’s just so hard for them to choose. The two competitors are actually ninety percent identical, if you were to go in both store one right after another you would be surprised to see how identical they are. The only difference in the two stores is the color Home Depot is orange and black and Lowe’s is blue and white. The color scheme for Home Depot is orange and black with tall shelves because at times they can only be accessed by forklifts. Also the color scheme for Lowe’s is blue and white because they feature more displays on the floor than on shelves. Lowe’s stock has more than tripled to where Home Depot’s has nearly quadrupled. Lowe’s was actually the first one to be discovered first. The Home Depot was actually founded thirty years later in 1978; Lowe’s was founded in 1946. Today Home Depot bought interline brands that sells repair products to property managers. If you are having a tough decision on whether or not Lowe’s and Home Depot are different just know both of the stores basically relate in the same

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