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The Higgins Boat The Higgins boat was a very important aspect of Louisiana, the United States, and World history. Many people, including General Dwight D. Eisenhower, believe that without the boat the United States would have never been able to land on an open beach. Eisenhower even called the creator of the boat, Andrew Higgins, “The man who won the war for us.” This The boat had a very unique design and was usedenabled victory on the very historic D- Day. Without it, the outcome of the World wWar II could have been completely different.
The Higgins boat was created by a man named Andrew Jackson Higgins. Higgins is credited for the boat, but the original idea actually came from Japan. He Higgins was an industrialist and a shipbuilder who …show more content…

By that time, Higgins was very well known by the Marines and they hoped that he could give them what they wanted. After he was showed images of the vessel, Higgins agreed to build a boat for the Marines. Higgins made many designs before adding a drop bow to his boat known as the Eureka. Every production record had been broken by Higgins by 1943. Of the Navy fleet, 92 percent of it werewas boats designed by Andrew Higgins. This design of boat would soon take a part in the defeat of its original designer, the …show more content…

The creator of the Higgins boat lived in New Orleans so production of the boats was based in Louisiana. About 9,000 of these vessels were built in Louisiana., Tthis lead to the creation of jobs in southern Louisiana. This was how the boat affected Louisiana history by providing so many jobs at one period in time. The Higgins boat allowed the United states States to transfer men and supplies to open beaches. United States history was effectedaffected in this way. Before the Higgins boat it was very hard to safely transfer men onto open beaches but afterwards it was easier. Without it, more troops may have died trying to reach beaches that their boats would not allow them to reach. The men already on the beaches could have also died due to the lack of proper supplies. LastlyAccordingly, the Higgins boat affected world history in a major way. It helped the outcome of the second World War.Second World War The way that the boat affected World history is very similar to the way it affected US history. The boats brought more men and supplies to whatever beach battle needed them. These reasons have made the Higgins boat one of the most important boats in

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