Letter Of Recommendation For The Position Of A Resident Assistant

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I, Destin Mizelle, am extremely enthusiastic to provide this letter of recommendation for Alexus Durr! I am a second year psychology major with a minor in African American studies and I also have the honor of serving as a Resident Assistant in Brumby Hall at the University of Georgia. I am both honored and elated to have the opportunity to provide Alexus with a letter of recommendation for a Resident Assistant Alexus and I, share the membership relations position in a minority recruitment organization called Georgia Daze. Immediately upon finding out Alexus and I would be co-chairs for the school year, I knew that we would together help transcend the organization. Her outgoing and determined personality has made an unforgettable impression on me and the members of our organization. I personally witnessed Alexus above and being to serve and assist members of the organization with school and personal problems in any way possible. Through her role as membership relations chair, Alexus has proven to possess the skills which makes for a great Resident Assistant. Alexus also has an appreciation for people and getting to know …show more content…

All the managers and staff enjoy her presence and only have positive things to say about her. Whether she is at Ramsey’s front desk or Ramsey’s gym, she brings a positive environment with her while displaying expertise and professionalism. She is socially oriented for a position within UGA Housing, and I have no doubt that she will have no problem when forming a community of her own. In conclusion, I highly recommend Alexus for a Resident Assistant position! She is a passionate and dedicated individual who embodies the principles of university’s housing. She is always willing to learn, improve, and work with colleagues and peers alike. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions about

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