Response To Prudential Hedonism

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Hedonism postulates that pleasure is the all and only bearer of intrinsic value and pain is all and only bearer of intrinsic disvalue. In this essay I will evaluate the coherence of the normative version of Hedonism, defined as the theory that says pleasure should be pursued and pain should be avoided and that the right action is the one that produces the greatest amount of net happiness. Prudential hedonism talks about pleasure being good for the one experiencing it. I will examine if this type of hedonism can be effectively defended by looking at some key objections and responses to those. Some objections to normative Hedonism a. On the hedonist account the only intrinsic thing of worth is pleasure and pain. All else, friendships, character, achievements, virtues are of instrumental value-they are a means to an end, either to increasing the pleasure they cause or diminishing the pain. The oponents of hedonism say that there are things beside pleasure which contribute to well being. Values such as love, friendship, generosity, virtue, achievement are taken by non hedonists to have value of their own, they are in themselves valuable. Therefore they maintain,hedonism is false. They argue that pursuit of knowledge or beauty, aesthetic activity, affiliation, virtues, harmony, health, etc are worth having for their own sake, that all other things are not just a means to pleasure. In response, Hedonists would say that the items such as friendship, and other goods are not
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