Responsibilities Of Journalism Essay

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No doubt our the technology and media has affected on our social life and made us live without restrictions, journalism one of the majors in the world is not easy to go for, it needs a lot of work , awareness and principles.
Journalistic responsibility to society
Responsibilities are duty for ourselves that we have to respect and appreciate in the world of journalism we have many types of journalisms such as legal and regulatory regulation which means the journalist should be aware to the public and to follow the obligations for the public he lives in, no wonder it will be hard for the journalist to follow a specific rules and regulations, the function of journalists is to serve the public and to know their interests and introduce
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The ability to spread the awareness is content a lot of victims and this should be one of journalist’s responsibilities that are why all journalists defend on their rights to express their opinions.
Journalism as meeting essential needs of society
Wider everything we do in our life we look for benefit it doesn’t matter the kind of benefit , it could be fame, money ruining someone’s reputation.
Why Journalists need the public and why the public need the journalism?
A question is that easy to be answered because we know public can’t survive without news and without journalism and also journalism can’t survive without public, so literally both of them are very important.
News media has really impacted on journalism, it’s known that journalism is the source of the news but nowadays we can find many sources that around us and most of audiences they don’t go for one source they go for many especially the source which follows their own
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