Responsible In Society In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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When someone dies by suicide, people often blame the parents or the bullies, but they don’t think of blaming society itself and everybody is to blame and should be punished. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare wants us to see that society is to blame and everyone had a role they could have played to prevent Romeo and Juliet death and how the people most involved were guilty but the people didn't do anything have the same blame and they all make up society. In Romeo and Juliet, friar and prince both had the power to stop the suicide but it wasn’t all there fault because all the blame has to go to society. They had some fault but if we look at the evidence it is really society to blame. Friar had a plan to help Juliet meet Romeo that she was to pretend to be dead with a potion and send a message to Romeo. This plan came to a demise with Romeo not getting the message and reaching Juliet supposed corpse, and then he killed himself. Friar Lawrence knew about the end result and what could have come if this plan was to fail, which it had a high spchance in doing so. He said “Like death, when he shuts up the day of life; Each part, deprived of supple government, Shall, stiff and stark and cold, appear like …show more content…

As Shakespeare was trying to show in this book. That this hatred is a plague and a disease that the capulets and Montague have been infected with and it spreads. “A plague o' both your houses!" (Act 3 Scene 1). It spread so much to the point of Mercutio dying. Shakespeare is teaching us society is to blame that it lets this hatred go on and you are apart of society. Shakespeare shows this as prince say. “all are punish'd.” (Act 5 Scene 3). Everyone in the story is punished and this is true in real life when someone commits suicide it isn’t the closet person nor the person reason for the suicide, it is society blame for that person death and we have to come to gather to change

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