Revenue In The Public Sector Essay

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1 Introduction Revenue in the public sector is the amount of money that the governments receives from various sources such as taxes, loans, levies, services charges and intergovernmental transfers. The purpose of government at all its governmental levels is to promote the welfare of the public and develop a sustainable economy. Revenue in the public sector is needed for the government to function effectively and deliver on its mandate. The discussion in this assignment views a wide a range of revenue uses and the necessity for revenue in the public sector with regard to the functions and services which government is obliged to deliver. 2 Goals of Government 2.1 Fundamental goals of government Fundamental goals of government are focused on ensuring that there is law and order and that the lives of people in the country are protected at all times. Government with its fundamental goals aims at interfering with the affairs of its citizens although interferences in the affairs of the lives of society were foreign in the previous era of governance due to its laissez-faire approach to governing. It goes without saying that laissez-faire approach to governing contributed badly in terms of improving the lives of disadvantaged citizens. Since the government could not interfere in issues of the people, the rich…show more content…
According to Gildenhuys (cited in Abader, 2014:40-41), line functions refers to the following: order and protection functions which focus on maintaining law and order through defense, police, justice and civil protection, social welfare functions which involve the welfare of individuals above certain minimum level and these refers to amongst others, health, the promotion of culture and housing and lastly economic welfare functions which focus on certain functions such as regulation of the economy, stimulation of economic development and maintenance of economic
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