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The American Revolution of the 16th century led America and the world to a new ways of thinking. How could a small untrained milita defeat the large British Empire? The new colonies beat the British using new forms of military strategy, communication and ideas, and various acts of defiance, to win there independence. Without the cunning tactics used by the leaders of the earliest colonial militias and there perseverance, the new colonies would never have claimed independence from the grip of Britain.
On the battle fields of the Revolutionary War the British and the Americans had very different fighting styles. The British prefered dressing up in there uniforms to intimidate there enemys and fireing there guns in orderdly rows, while the Americans …show more content…

"Common Sense" by Thomas Pane enticed the colonists to keep fighting the war by reminding them of there rights and telling them that Britain was contorling them for there own greed. the panflet sold 100,000 copies in the first year mostly in France and Britain it was a staple in every home in the colonies. Another propaganda was the "Join or Die" by Ben Franklin. It showed how the colonists took sides, Loyalists and Partiots, the loyalists were loyal to Britain and the patriots were in favor of fighting for independence. The parts of the snake show the colonies in segments to represent the seperation of the colonies and that they needed to band together and fight for independence (teacherhistory.org). The properganda was revolutionary because it was a newer concept and it truly worked in pushing the war forward. Because of the efforts to show the colonists and the British that it was wrong to withhold there independence and to withhold there rights.
Inserting Picture... Image The Revolutionary War was won by the Colonists against all odds. They were fighting a larger trained militia, with more funding and equipment, but the colonists won with there smarter guerrilla tactics over the British, there proparganda which sparked the revolution, the Sons of Liberty who rallied the colonists, and the committee of correspondence which unified the colonists. The American revolutionary war was more revolutionary then evolutionary because it showed that it is possible to gain your independence and plowed the way for America to become the great country it is

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