An Analysis Of Grandpa's Grandfather

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To introduce some ideas in this passage, firstly the narrator tells us that he was the first college bound

member of his family. Secondly, he was far too arrogant and conceited in the first paragraph. This is

the author's first main point. Then in 2 and 3 segments. The main character's grandfather tells about

his history related to the picture which the main character found inside his father's trunk. Last point is

that Americans took the freedoms we have for granted, which is what he did when he was young


To begin, the narrator tells us that "had it not been for a chance discovery', he would have always

taken his freedom and liberty for granted. He grew up in a middle-class neighborhood just outside

Hartford, Connecticut. …show more content…

At the first time he didn't realize who

was, but he promptly knew he was his grandfather. After putting the picture back to the trunk, the bell

rang. The voice of the person seemed very old. It was amazing coincidence. The person who rang the

bell was his grandfather. He quickly opened the door for him and brought his picture in the old days.

His grandfather quietly gazed the picture. He was usually "so garrulous", the author tells that his

silence while looking at the photograph took him by surprise. It is the grandfather's reaction that is

being highlighted here. When he asked him when the picture was taken, his grandfather made him to

sit down and let him focus in to his journey of the life. The author writes that his grandparents'

endeavor - their journey - was marked by many sacrifices. To step on a New York City, he persecution

in the programs of Russia, to changing his last name to secure safe passage across Eastern Europe,

to the voyage across the Atlantic. The author then shocks the reader by announcing that the

grandfather risked one's life. Once he ended his long speech, 2 hours had been past. For him, he

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