Rhetorical Analysis Of FFF Fest's Advertising Commercial

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Defining the community of Austin requires the consideration of many aspects, which seems nearly impossible. Since livemusiccapitol.com considers Austin the live music capitol, the audiences may assume music festivals provide one aspect of the community of Austin. With Austin City Limits (ACL) and FunFunFun Fest (FFF Fest) music festival occurring annually, in the fall, and at Austin, what festival defines Austin better to understand the real experience of an Austin music festival? In ACL’s advertising commercial, FFF Fest’s advertising commercial, and author Brian Audette’s article the argument of which music festival provides the real Austin music festival experience for the audience to attend establishes through the rhetorical strategy…show more content…
Since the large argument of the ACL video wants people to buy their tickets, a welcoming message, represented by the sun’s position, appears (ACL). The video starts in broad daylight and displays the people enjoying themselves as upbeat music plays in the background; as the video progress, so does the sun until there no daylight remains and the music reaches its climax (ACL). Yet in the last few seconds, the sun reappears and a scene that shows full access to the festival displays; then, the music and video end. The sun connotes a warming invitation to ACL. The ending suggests that now that everything about the festival has been displayed from start to finish, up comes the sun again for a new year and the audience’s chance to participate in the next festival.
In contrast, in FFF Fest commercial, producers argue why FFF Fest defines Austin better. The video also consist music as their only audio source, which express emphasize emotion, as their rhetorical strategy, to imply their
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The video displays an array of activities, as previously mention, and eccentric attitude that take place in FFF Fest, which may be appealing to some people. Moreover, people dance with their eyes closed and seem to show an attitude of not caring how they express themselves (FFF Fest). In addition, the video tries to make the scenes more appealing by displaying celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Coco Austin, and Jack Black. As the video comes to a conclusion, the music goes back to the introductory song, precisely the part that says, “Oh lord it really brings me down about the devil town.” Although, this time the man singing sounds mature, receives an applause from the entire FFF Fest participants, and the video ends with a “Thank You” (FFF Fest). The implicit message suggests that the young man matured in the devil town and seems to reflect on what he used to believe about the devil town. As previously implied, the young man was a member of the devil town by being a “vampire.” Therefore, he learned to understand and discover himself in the devil town. When the mature man finishes the lyric, the audience applaud him (FFF Fest). Since the man sings these lyrics to the entire FFF Fest, another implicit message suggests. FFF Fest helped the man mature, and the applause, represents the welcoming claim of the argument. Thus, the daring activities
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