Rhetorical Analysis Of Government Must Preserve National Parks

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The underlying reasons for the belief, impression or thought that the US gov-ernment must continue to fund national parks is often overlooked, misunder-stood or unheeded.
In his essay, “Government Must Preserve National Parks.” Author Todd Da-vidson builds a cogent, detailed and absorbing argument by employing a varie-ty of rhetorical techniques and persuasive strategies, most notably, an array of pertinent facts and statistics, appeal to emotions, and a logical argument to persuade his audience that the US government must continue to fund national parks.
Davidson skillfully incorporates facts and statistics to build his argument. For example, “Over the last decade, national park budgets have seen a steady de-cline in funding, and currently suggest from an annual operations shortfall of more than $500 million.” (par. 4) and “In addition to supporting the U.S. Travel and tourism industry, which is a cornerstone of the U.S. Economy that represents $1.8 trillion in economic output and supports 14 million American hobs, every dollar invested in the National Park Service …show more content…

“These park visitors are a significant component of the U.S. Tourism economy. They stay in nearby hotels, rent cars, dine at local res-taurants, buy at retail shops and visit another neighboring attraction, generat-ing more than $30 billion in spending and supporting a quarter-million jobs.” He explicitly states, each logical premise in order, allowing them to build to their conclusion. Davidson provides evidence for each premise, and the conclu-sion is closely related to the premises and evidence. In doing so, he ties the claim and evidence together, and, logically advances his argument. Davidson provides the clarity and the clarity leads the reader to conclude that the benefits of his argument outweigh potential

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