Rhetorical Analysis Of John Doe's Letter To Statesman Editor

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Cambri McDonald The writer argues that John Doe's letter to the Statesman editor is constantly changing its statements for the readers to be able to agree that girls look "stupid" in knitted headbands. The narrative often changes from "you" to "we" and reverts back and forth so it confuses the readers to acknowledge what John Doe is arguing. I think mostly the writer was rhetorically making critiques about his writing, and how it made the argument less professional and undermined the statements about headbands and unprofessional clothes like sweats. John Doe was using wrong tenses, making grammatical errors, and making mistakes on simple words like flip-flops. It signifies that the writer ignored the basic step of writing, which is double-checking the grammar after writing is finished. …show more content…

Acknowledging both sides and its opinions is the first step in making a point. Letting the opposite opinion down is not a good way of persuading that person to listen to the statement one's trying to

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