Rhetorical Analysis Of Maya Angelou's Speech

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It is definitely effective because throughout our society people who have believed in the same Spirit as Coretta Scott King, have persevered in great length within the field in which they wish to walk upon. People such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and so on and so forth. Therefore Maya Angelou's speech about Coretta Scott kings pursuit of perfection through nonviolence actions is effective.
The story is about fighting for justice it is given by Maya Angelou a very powerful speech she uses rhetoric to get her points across to the audience. She begins and sets her platform by using ethos. Where she talks about her best friend Coretta Scott kings and her deeds. For example how she believed that nonviolence protesting achieves more than violence protesting. Throughout her lifetime she experienced both and she believed religiously in non-violent protest achieves more. "She also believed that standing together without throwing bricks or burning down buildings sends a powerful enough message then acting to violence. She believed in none protest could heal a nation with a history of slavery" which is a quite a powerful message (American …show more content…

There are many people who walked along her path people such as Traylor and Harry Belafonte, Winnie Mandrel, and many women and men who loved and fought for the same equal rights among the people. People who cannot stand injustice. As the author dives back into a claim about fighting for justice through the works and words of Coretta by using pathos for example "she would say sister shouldn't be an either or should it? Peace and justice should belong to the people everywhere all the time. Isn't that right?"(American Rhetoric.) She had endured a lot of pain and injustice for her to talk to her sister in such manner to where she wished for peace and Justice should belong to everyone and

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