Righteousness Speech

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"Righteousness is the best of all qualities in the world. Truth is established in righteousness. Even these best words of father are enjoined with righteousness. One who follows righteousness, does not waste his promise given to one 's father or mother or Brahmana. Hence, leave this mean mentality of military heroism. Observe righteousness and not rudeness. Follow my perception."
When the people follow him to the forest, he asks them to go back and live as ideal citizens. Valmiki says that he looks at them as fondly as if he was looking at his children. He tells them of the excellence of Bharatha and asks then to give their loyalty to him. yaa priitir bahumaanaH ca mayy ayodhyaa nivaasinaam | mat priya artham visheSheNa bharate saa niveshyataam
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Bharata who enhances the delight of Kaikeyi and who possesses excellent conduct will indeed do pleasing and beneficial things to you appropriately. Bharata who is matured in knowledge but young in age, who is gentle but endowed with virility and virtue, will become your worthy master who can dispel your fears. If you desire to please me, see that the king does not suffer agony when I have gone to forest for exile".
The message he gives is that the institution, in this case the kingdom, is bigger than the individual and everyone must strive for its progress, irrespective of personal feelings. He creates a vision for Ayodhya and charges the people to make their lives’ mission. When this strategy proves futile he decides to steal away quietly while the tired citizens are sleeping on the banks of Tamasa because, as he tells Lakshmana, he cannot see them suffer. pauraa hi aatma kR^itaat duhkhaat vipramocyaa nR^ipa aatmajaiH
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Change based on utilitarian principles, for the good of the maximum people, is brought about when the rule of Kishkhinda is taken from Bali and given to Sugriva and that of Lanka from a power hungry Ravana to the better statesman Vibheeshana. Both Bali and Ravana were exceptional individuals in their own rights, learned and capable. So the question arises whether Rama’s compliance and complicity in their removal is ethical. The answer to that is when the moral fiber of a leader is corrupted it will result in the downfall of his organization also. So in the larger interest of the people it was necessary to bring down these two rulers. Rama presides over the change process making sure that it is achieved with as little upheaval as possible. This is the mark of an effective change
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