Shaman Metaphors

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Rigoni describes different concepts that affect our modern education system. The current educational system is based on standards, accountability and capitalism that disregards the experiences of students and the quality of teaching outcomes. Teachers are increasingly giving students a list of facts and skills that do not promote practical know how. In this respect, less attention is paid to the outcome of education. Author Rigoni provides an alternative approach to teaching using the Shaman metaphor. He talks about the learning process and the need to change the formal curriculum and the approach used by educators. The concepts described by the author portray the desire to make these critical aspects of society, education and commerce, accessible…show more content…
Here, people understand things through reflection and by analyzing changing social patterns, which in turn influences their view of the world. In this respect, Rigoni recommended that the curriculum should take this approach to enable educators to understand the struggles students experience while learning and develop mechanisms that will streamline the learning process. The approach makes it possible for teachers to identify essential content areas that would benefit students and include them in the curriculum. It also reinforces the concepts and skills of self-disclosure, professional use of self, critical self-reflection, and narrative inquiry that would enable educators to develop curriculums that would make the learning process easy for students and improve the quality of educational outcomes. Moreover, social learning promotes the development of wisdom and intuition in students, which is vital for their understanding of the world. Thus, the curriculum should change to promote them in the classroom and emphasize practical understanding instead of theoretical…show more content…
The Shaman approach to education allows educators to self-reflect to understand the deficiencies of the school curriculum and develop mechanisms for improving the outcomes of the learning process. Constructivism, on the other hand, is an educational and learning theory in which meaning making is a central result of education. It promotes personal understanding and knowledge creation. As such, a constructivist approach contends that objects and events have no absolute meaning; rather individuals interpret objects and events differently and create meaning based on personal cultural, social, and political contexts. Thus, the concept of learning as a social process and the constructivist approach would provide students with different points of view on a given topic that would make it easy for them to understand difficult topics. The new approach would help educators develop a curriculum that would ensure all the stakeholders benefit from the learning
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