Robert Kennedy: A Life Short Lived

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Robert Kennedy: A Life Short Lived
Courtney R. Swartzell
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Robert Kennedy: A Life Short Lived Thesis statement: Robert Kennedy just was not the brother of John F. Kennedy, he was a lawyer and a well known congressman who stood up and fought for civil rights and social justice issues. Robert Kennedy was born and this is where his life began. Robert Francis Kennedy was born on November 20, 1925, to his parents Rose and Joe Kennedy. Robert or Bobby as some would call him, was the seventh child out of nine. Robert Kennedy was born in his own home on 131 Naples Road, Massachusetts.
Robert had blonde hair, blue eyes, and weighed only six pounds when he was born (Heymann, 1998). Robert was a very handsome baby and resembled his mother, Rose Kennedy.
Robert Kennedy and his nine siblings lived a rather lavish lifestyle. Roberts father Joe was a rich businessman and his mother Rose was the daughter of the mayor of Boston, Massachusetts (, 2017). The Kennedy family members were looked to as handsome, charismatic, and powerful (, 2017). Roberts father became a U.S. ambassador to Britain, and the family moved to England. The family returned to the states in 1939, because of the threat of World War II (, 2017). Robert Kennedy and his siblings had a lot going for them as

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