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When Robert Kugler 's chocolate labrador, Bella, was diagnosed with cancer last year, he decided to take his best friend on one epic last road trip across the country. (ALL PICTURES: Facebook and Instagram)
Robert was told by the doctors that his three-legged Bella(she was amputated to prevent the spread of bone cancer) has lung cancer and has only three to six months to live.
When his nine-year-old was diagnosed with advanced osteosarcoma – that had already spread to her legs and her lungs, Rob made sure that everyday was an adventure for the faithful pet.
They travelled across states including Detroit, Kentucky and Ohio, checking out the sunset, Niagara Falls, monuments, museums and the Adirondack Mountains in New York.
The duo has been travelling together since November and plans to do so until Bella has done everything
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Standing atop a rock on The Bald Mountain Fire Tower....
Posing at the Lincoln Memorial and many more.
Along the way, Robert and Bella either camped out with friends or in Robert 's Toyota 4Runner.
They are currently on the west coast of Florida but Rob is thinking of heading back to Nebraska since the summer heat is too harsh on his dog.
Yellowstones and Yosmite National parks are also on Kugler 's must-visit list.
Reportedly, Robert Kugler is a marine veteran from Nebraska.
Robert 's love for Bella clearly depicts that the death of an animal companion is often felt as deeply as the loss of friends or family.
The caption for this picture taken in Jacksonville on January 31 says: "It 's been about 8 months since this beautiful girl was given 3 to 6 months to live. Today is her 9th birthday, which I didn 't think she was going to see. Of course, today is no more special than yesterday or tomorrow for her… And perhaps that 's what 's so wonderful about animals... They understand that every moment is special… Every second is precious… And they are perhaps the greatest teachers of living in

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