Robert Reich Inequality For All Summary

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Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, shares great knowledge on authority of economics. He is an american political economist as well as a professor at the University of California, Berkeley. In the documentary, Inequality for All, Robert Reich made me very intrigued that the fact income inequality is indeed present. I never understood economics and I did not know much about it. I never took an economy class in high school. What is economy? Is it only about money? Economy is a system that consists of production, distribution, and consumption of limited goods, according to the google dictionary. Robert Reich introduces and asks three questions. What is happening with distribution and wealth, why is it happening, and is it a problem or is it not a problem? He believes that the middle …show more content…

The middle class or the 99 percent is being taxed while the top 1 percent making the most of their living is not being taxed enough should be stopped. Top 1 percent is already living at their perks. Would it kill them if they were not taking from the rest of the 99 percent? It does not harm them but they are greatly harming the 99 percent. The middle class is living uncomfortably and some are barely making it. The middle class is working harder than ever, but yet they are not getting anywhere. The top 1 percent should stop saving and they are not generating enough for the economy, we need spending in order for the economy to run smoothly. A stable economy is a strong middle class and I totally agree with Robert Reich because the middle class actually spends their money! 70% consumer spending is from the middle class according to Reich. They are actually benefiting the economy and unlike the top 1 all they do is save. I do believe that distribution and wealth is definitely unfair. It is only common sense. Why would you take more away from those who are barely making it? It does not benefit the 99 percent at

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