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Robotic assisted devices accomplish the motor function improvement of the upper limb by repetitious movements consisting of flexion/ extension, pronation/ supination, and abduction/ adduction of shoulder, elbow, wrist and digits. More specifically, repetitive goal directed forward reaching movements are commonly utilized intervention when involving the rehabilitation of stroke patients. Variable programmed motion is employed to accomplish this task. The most important advantage of using robot technology in rehabilitation intervention is the ability to deliver high-dose and high intensity training in a highly controlled and reproducible manner (Chang & Kim, 2013). End-effector-type device In one study, researchers used NeReBot in the intervention to determine if using a robotic device in early therapy with poststroke patients (hemiparetic) can minimize the motor impairment and increase motor function in rehabilitation. The subjects were randomly divided into two groups. Both group received training and therapy from NeReBot with differences in timing and site of training. The control group received 30 minutes twice a week on the robot which was placed on the unaffected arm. The experimental group was exposed to greater training time with the NeReBot which was 4 times a week for a total of 5 weeks. The robot assisted shoulder and elbow …show more content…

(2006) compared the result of using end-effector-type device (MIME) and exoskeleton device (ARM Guide) to conventional therapy. The MIME subjects received training in “reaching” movement with the duration of 50 minutes versus the ARM Guide’s session duration of 45 minutes. Both groups participated in the the same number of sessions (24 sessions) over an 8 week period. Results indicated an improved reach extent with the MIME group but no improvement with the ARM Guide group. The difference in results could be attributed to several factors such as therapy intensity, therapy modes and kinematics of

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